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The operationalisation of resilience: methods and approaches

  Title Number of files File size Summary Author and Date
A new vision for community resilience: the case for change   2.7 Mb  Partners for Resilience, november 2012

“Partners for Resilience” is a consortium implementing programmes focusing on resilience in nine different countries. This document presents its vision to put resilience into practice: an integrated approach combining disaster risk reduction, climate change and ecosystem management and rehabilitation.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 15:41
Characteristics of a disaster-resilient community   441.2 kb  John Twigg, november 2009

This document outlines what could be a “disaster-resilient community”, presenting various elements of resilience. It is designed for NGOs and civil society working on DDR and CCA strategies. This document was created to contribute to the implementation of a community engagement process.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 15:46
Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management, Strengthening Climate Resilience   2.5 Mb  Institute of Development Studies

The SCR Consortium consists of IDS, Christian Aid and Plan International, and conducts research on the resilience of 10 different societies (East Africa, South and South-East Asia) since 2010. Based on their case studies, SCR developed a “Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management” approach that can be used by different organisations dealing with this issue.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 15:48
Consultative document: the ACCRA Local Adaptative Capacity Framework (LAC)   1010.3 kb  Africa Climate Change resilience Alliance (ACCRA), is consortium consisting of Oxfam GB, ODI, Save the Children, CARE and World Vision, conducting research on the adaptation capacities of three African countries (Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique). They developed the LAC approach, based on the five assets of a resilient society that they identified.   Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 15:49
From vulnerability to Resilience: a framework for analysis and action to build community resilience   3.4 Mb  Katherine Pasteur, Practical Action Publishing, 2011

This report showcases an approach developed by Practical Action, aiming at organising its own programmes. Not only does this report provide insight on a number of fundamental issues, it also gives the reader some tools to analyse, evaluate and reinforce resilience.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 15:45
The Characteristics of resilience building. A discussion paper   249 kb  Interagency Resilience Working Group, february 2012

This report is the product of a workshop held on 8th February 2012, with the participation of representative from ActionAid, CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, CAFOD, CARE, Christian Aid, Concern Universal, DFID CHASE, Global Network of CSOs for Disaster Reduction, HelpAge, Plan, Practical Action, Save the Children, Self Help Africa, Terfund, IR WorldWide, World Vision, WWF. These organisations met under the Interagency Resilience Working Group initiative.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 15:43