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Food security and resilience

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Escaping the hunger cycle: pathways to resilience in the Sahel   2.3 Mb  Sahel Working Group, September 2011

The purpose of this research report is to provide evidence of a new vision of an adapted aid approach to escape the hunger cycle, e.g. through Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). In the Sahel, food insecurity triggered by drought tends to be a slow onset and recurrent. That is why there is a need for DRR strategies. Where food insecurity is linked to a recurrent hazard, such as drought, early action to mitigate the effects can be a highly cost effective investment. It is stated that governments and donors can safeguard nutrition, livelihoods and assets of vulnerable households, by reducing the costs of emergency relief and recovery.  
Caroline Gassiat 20/02/2013, 16:18
Food security in complex emergencies: Enhancing food system resilience   905.1 kb  Prabhu Pingali, Luca Alinovi, Jacky Sutton, Disasters Vol. 29, June 2005

This paper explores linkages between food security and crisis in different contexts, outlining the policy and institutional conditions needed to manage food security during a crisis and to rebuild the resilience of food systems on periods of relative peace. The paper reviews experiences over the past decade of countries in protracted crisis and draws lessons for national and international policy.  
Caroline Gassiat 20/02/2013, 16:21
The food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel: Urgent action to support the resilience of vulnerable populations   1.6 Mb  FAO, July 2012

Following an alert by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Bank Programme in October/November 2011 regarding a food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel, FAO prepared a strategic response framework entitled “The food and nutrition crisis in Sahel: Urgent action to support the resilience of vulnerable populations” in support of national governments and in collaboration with humanitarian agencies active in West Africa and the Sahel.  
Caroline Gassiat 20/02/2013, 16:16