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Resilience: concept and definitions

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Resilience: New utopia or new tyranny? Reflection about the potentials and limits of the concept of resilience in relation to vulnerability reduction programmes   339.5 kb  Rachel Godfrey Wood, Andrew Newsham, Mark Davies, IDS Working Paper N° 405, Institute of Development Studies, septembre 2012

This report analyses the opportunities and challenges that resilience is facing. One of the positive element is that resilience can foster a multisectorial integrated approach. But the concept is also facing some major challenges: for instance, poverty reduction simply cannot be substituted by resilience building.  
Caroline Gassiat 1/02/2013, 18:05
The Road to RESILIENCE: Converging Actors, Integrating Approaches   991.6 kb  CARE, Groupe URD, Wageningen University, novembre 2011
We have been hearing about resilience for quite a while now, and this topic has gained importance after the food crisis in Sahel. However, this concept is still a bit of a blur and very often misunderstood. In order to discuss the definition of a new approach in crisis response, the RESILIENCE team organised a workshop on the integration of Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Poverty Reduction on November 24th, 2011 at the Brussels Info Place.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 10:39
The relevance of "resilience"?   150.6 kb  Simon Levine, Adam Pain, Sarah Bailey and Lilianne Fan, HPG Policy Brief 49, Humanitarian Policy Group, september 2012
"Resilience building" is a concept frequently mentioned by the United Nations, donors and NGOs. This document reflects on the relevance of a concept that is still used in a vague fashion.  
Caroline Gassiat 1/02/2013, 17:50
The resilience renaissance? Unpacking of resilience for tackling climate change and disasters   1.4 Mb  Aditya V. Bahadur, Maggie Ibrahim, Thomas Tanner, Strengthening Climate Resilience Discussion Paper 1, Institute of Development Studies, 2010
This report defines the concept of resilience according to various disciplines, such as social sciences, ecological and socio-ecological systems, and highlights the characteristics of a resilient society and the indicators for measuring resilience through the Climate Smart Disaster Risk Management Approach.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 10:41
UNISDR Terminology on disaster risk reduction   397.6 kb  Terminology on disaster risk reduction, UNISDR, 2009
This terminology aims at promoting a common use and understanding of disaster risk reduction, and support authorities, practitioners and the public in their efforts.  
Caroline Gassiat 8/02/2013, 10:42